Prolotherapy and Prolozone Success Stories

How HBOT treated Cerebral Palsy patient

HBOT: Wound healing & Anti-Aging by Dr. Sherr of Silicon Valley Institute September 2014

Amy’s remarkable recovery after Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

December 31, 1996 I walked out of my apartment in San Francisco to celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends. January 1st 1997 I am in the Intensive Care Unit in the trauma center of SF General Hospital, intubated with a Glascow Coma Scale of 8. Compound left femoral shaft fracture, left femoral neck fracture, significantly displaced subacute left scaphoid fracture, right metacarpal fracture, fractured jaw and mandible, multiple skull fractures, fractured left temporal bone/temporal lobe damage, severe head trauma/traumatic brain injury, traumatic carotid-cavernous fistula, ruptured ear drums, Indirect orbital floor fracture (“eye socket blowout fracture”), left 6th cranial nerve damage, lower 7th cranial nerve damage, left 11th cranial nerve damage and Brachial plexus injury. While my left femur exploded out of my body, the rest of my body imploded when I hit the concrete after falling from a third story building.
I spent the next two months in three different hospitals, undergoing several surgeries and rehabilitating. When I was finally discharged, I had to be transported from San Francisco where I lived alone, to NY so that I could receive the 24 hour care I needed from family. I spent many months in a wheel chair. I had to learn how to walk again, talk again, and tie my shoes again. I had double vision. I still have partial paralysis, I lost my ability to smile (literally). I have extensive nerve damage in my extremities, memory loss, brain damage/paralysis, and pain, lots and lots of constant pain.
My life drastically changed after I underwent hyperbaric oxygen treatments at the San Francisco Institute for Hyperbaric Medicine. I was actually looking into stem cell replacement therapy when a researcher suggested that i look into HBOT. I was skeptical that it would help, after all it had been 14 years since I suffered my TBI. Little did I know the amazing affects it would have on my life. HBOT gave me incredible energy. My TBI left me tired all of the time, I could sleep for days on end. Any kind of physical activity was out of the question and I was a college athlete before my TBI! After about the second week of HBOT treatments I had such incredible energy so I did something I never thought I could do again, I started running. Mentally I also felt the best I had ever felt, I think in my entire life. I suffered from major depression and PTSD but with the HBOT I was walking on cloud nine. Friends and family members started commenting on how happy I seemed, they all wanted to know what I was taking. Fourteen years of prescription antidepressants couldn’t do what 2 weeks of HBOT was doing! My speed and agility increased, my focus and concentration improved and my general overall well-being enhanced. I ultimately underwent 50 treatments of HBOT and since that time I have completed 6 half marathons, 1 full marathon and I will be competing in the Ironman 70.3 in Augusta, GA in September. HBOT gave me my life back again and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.