Integrative Medicine

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Holistic Medical Care Clinic is proud to offer our hyperbaric oxygen chamber to anyone in the Tampa Bay area and surrounding areas. Using hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) increases oxygen up to 10 times normal concentration. This increased blood concentration expedites the healing in your body for a variety of conditions and can also be added with our widely popular IV Therapies.   Learn More

Prolozone Therapy Injection for Chronic Pain

Holistic Medical Care Clinic has utilized Prolozone Therapy Injection or Ozone Therapy Injection to treat individuals dealing with chronic pain. Prolozone 100% Oxygen injected into the body musculoskeletally and the O2 changes to O3 and signals growth factors to heal and repair the connective tissues. Prolozone Therapy is a non-surgical treatment and the results can be permanent (Currently seeing around 85% success rate). Our clinic has successfully treated professional athletes, amateur athletes and senior citizens who suffer from chronic pain.  Learn More

UVB Ultraviolet Therapy

Ultraviolet Therapy (Photo-oxidation therapy) is a biological healing modality utilizing ultraviolet irradiation of the blood (with UV Ultraviolet C light) to produce the following beneficial photochemical reactions such as Improved micro circulation and oxygenation of tissues, anti inflammatory effects, stimulation of the immune system and more. Learn More

Vitamin and Injection Therapy

Holistic Medical Care Clinic offers various IV (intravenous) and Injection Therapies to treat our patients, such as Vitamin C IV, Myers Cocktail, IV Ozone, GABA Balance Shot, B Vitamin Shot and Fat Burner Shot. Our patients who have used these therapies when they have felt sick, wound healing, lethargic, chronic fatigue, anxious, weight loss, and as an alternative cancer therapy to name a few.   Learn More