Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment FAQs

What to expect when inside the chamber?

During the first 10 minutes of the treatment, the air pressure in the chamber will be increased gradually until it reaches the prescribed amount. You will hear air going into the chamber, and you will feel a sensation of pressure in your ears, similar To that experienced during an airplane trip and when going up high altitudes. This is normal. You will need to clear your ears several times during this compression. To equalize this pressure in your ears, some of the methods you may use are yawning, swallowing, attempt to blow thru your nose while closing your mouth and holding your nose closed.

During most of your treatment time, you may relax, read a book, or sleep. The session will last 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the recommendation of your doctor.

During the last 10 or so minutes of the treatment, the pressure in the chamber will be decreased gradually . You may again feel a popping in your ears. Your ears will clear automatically. It is important not to hold your breath during this time.

Q: Is Hbot Safe?

A: HBOT is very safe. There are standard safety procedures we go over with all our patients prior to beginning HBOT.


Q: What Does Hbot Feel Like?

A: Numerous patients have commented that it feels as if they are flying on an airplane while inside the HBOT. As pressure build, it is common to feel pressure in the ears. At the end of the treatment, the ears “pop” as pressure is released. Most patients rest comfortably, listen to music, read, or surf the internet.


Q: How Long Does A Typical Hbot Last?

A: We sell our HBOT packages in one hour increments.


Q: What Should I Wear?

A: It is best to wear something comfortable and loose. Shorts or a tee shirt is fine as it does get warm inside the hyperbaric chamber. We do provide an air cooler to help with the air circulation.


Q: Will Someone Be Monitoring Me During My Session?

A: Yes, our technician will be monitoring you every fifteen minutes or so.  You can bring your cellphone inside the chamber and call us if you need to.


Q: How Often Should I Use Hbot?

A: We typically make recommendations for you based on your needs after your initial visit.