Epicondylitis and Elbow Pain

Ongoing Positive Effect of Platelet Rich Plasma vs. Cortisone Injection in Lateral Epicondylitis: A Double Blind Controlled Trial With 2 year Follow Up. (2011)
Reduction of pain and increase in function was significant for patients in this trial study even after two years and especially as compared to those receiving cortisone.

Hemwall-Hackett Dextrose Prolotherapy for Unresolved Elbow Pain. (2009)
This retrospective pilot study demonstrates improvement in pain, stiffness and quality of life for individuals treated with Prolotherapy for elbow pain.

A Systematic Review of Four Injection Therapies for Lateral Epicondylosis:  Prolotherapy, Polidocanol, Whole Blood and Platelet-Rich Plasma (2009).
All four therapies were found to be effective in the treatment of lateral elbow pain.

The Efficacy of Prolotherapy for Lateral Epicondylosis: A Pilot Study. (2008)
In this double blind randomized controlled trial Dextrose Prolotherapy was well tolerated and dramatically improved pain and strength in patients with lateral elbow pain as compared to controls.

Treatment of Chronic Elbow Tendonosis with Buffered Platelet Rich Plasma. (2006)
This is the first published study (Mishra at Stanford University) studying the nonsurgical use of platelet rich plasma for elbow tendonosis. At final follow up
(12-38 months) patients reported a 93% reduction in pain compared to prior to treatment.