Joint Degeneration

Platelet Rich Plasma Intraarticular Joint Injections for the Treatment of Degenerative Cartilage Lesions and Osteoarthritis. (2012)

Improvement in pain and function was noted in patients with degenerative knee lesions 24 months after treatment as compared to prior to any treatment.

Effect of Autologous Platelet – Rich – Plasma – Releasate on Intervertebral Disc Degeneration in the Rabbit Anular Puncture Model: A Preclinical Study. (2012)
The administration of Platelet-Rich Plasma increased the number of cartilage cells and disc height in back arthritis in this animal model.

Stem Cell Prolotherapy in Regenerative Medicine: Theory, Background and Protocols. (2011)
This is the first published protocol on “Biocellular Prolotherapy”: the use of either bone marrow or fat (adipose) as a repair/stem cell source to maximize healing in Prolotherapy. Includes case reports and ultrasound images demonstrating improvement before and after treatment.

Advances in Regenerative Medicine: High-Density Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Prolotherapy for Musculoskeletal Pain. (2011)
This article summarizes how Biocellular Prolotherapy works to resolve musculoskeletal pain.

The New Age of Prolotherapy. (2010)
Discusses the advances that have been made in Prolotherapy including Platelet-Rich Plasma, adult stem cell sources such as bone marrow and adipose, and the use of imaging with musculoskeletal ultrasound to increase precision in diagnosis and treatment.

The Regeneration of Articular Cartilage with Prolotherapy. (2009)
In this medical editorial the author makes the case for using Prolotherapy as the treatment of choice for degenerated and arthritic joints.

Platelet-Rich Plasma: Intra – Articular Knee Injections Produced Favorable Results on Degenerative Cartilage Lesions.  (2009)
This study of 100 patients explored treating degenerative cartilage lesions in knees with Platelet-Rich Plasma.  The results indicated that treatment with PRP injections is safe and has the potential to reduce pain and improve knee function and quality of life.