Outcomes After Ultrasound-Guided Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections for Chronic Tendinopathy: A Multicenter, Retrospective Review. (2013)

Overall, 82% of patients indicated moderate to complete improvement in symptomes.

Tendon regeneration and repair with stem cells. (2012)
This review article summarizes the complex process of tendon regeneration with stem cells in simple terms.

Enhanced Mechanical Properties of Rabbit Flexor Tendons in Response to Intratendinous Injection of Adipose Derived Stromal Vascular Fraction. (2012)
This animal study evaluates the use of  adipose cells in injured rabbit tendons in a laboratory setting, and concludes improved mechanical functions and repairs in those tendons injected with these cells.

Ultrasound Guided Injection of PRP in Chronic Achilles and Patellar Tendinopathy. (2012)

PRP injection in patellar and Achilles tendinopathy results in a significant and lasting improvement of clinical symptoms and leads to recovery of the tendon matrix potentially helping to prevent degenerative lesions. US-guidance allows PRP injection into the tendon with great accuracy.

Optimizati​on of leukocyte concentrat​ion in platelet-r​ich plasma for the treatment of tendinopat​hy (2012)
This article explains the “what” and “why” when it comes to the best optimization of white blood cell concentration in platelet-rich plasma treatment of tendinopathy.

Adipose-derived stem cells enhance primary tendon repair: Biomechanical and immunohistochemical evaluation. (2012)
This Japanese study concludes that adipose tissue contains stem cells which enhance tendon healing.

A systematic review of the use of platelet-rich plasma in sports medicine as a new treatment for tendon and ligament injuries. (2011)
This article reviews multiple publications regarding the role of Platelet-rich plasma in treatment of tendon and ligament injuries with findings showing PRP use having several potential advantages, including faster recovery and, possibly, a reduction in recurrence, and no adverse reactions but also the need for more randomized control trials.

Platelet-rich Plasma Protects Tenocytes from Adverse Side Effects of Dexamethasone and Ciprofloxacin. (2011)
This study demonstrates that PRP can protect cultured human tenocytes against cell death or senescence induced by these drugs in a laboratory setting.

Autologous Fat Grafting as a  Mesenchymal Stem Cell Source and  Living Bioscaffold in a Patellar Tendon Tear. (2011)
This case report shows the effective use of  Biocellular Prolotherapy (adipose derived) using autologous fat graft combined with platelet-rich plasma to provide repair cells in healing of a patelllar tendon tear.

Synergy of Tendon Stem Cells and Platelet Rich Plasma in Tendon Healing. (2011)
This study evaluated the use of PRP with tendon stem cells and concluded that this combination works together to maximize tendon healing.  It also concluded that using the injured tendon (“loading”) resulted in better healing.

Platelet Rich Plasma for High Hamstring Tears. (2010)
The authors present a case report of an acute near complete high hamstring tear treated successfully 16 days after initial injury by Platelet Rich Plasma Prolotherapy.  MRI documents tissue repair.

Platelet Rich Plasma Injection for Chronic Achilles Tendinopathy. (2010)
Both Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Saline Prolotherapy Injections demonstrated improvement  in treatment of achilles tendinopathy when done in conjunction with eccentric exercises.

PRP Effective in Treating Achilles Tendonosis. (2010)
Study presented at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons showed that PRP Prolotherapy is a safe and effective non-operative treatment for chronic achilles tendonosis.

Favorable Outcomes After Sonographically Guided Intratendinous Injection of Hyperosmolar Dextrose for Chronic Insertional and Midportion Achilles Tendonosis. (2009)
Dextrose Prolotherapy was shown to be a low cost and effective alternative with long-term evidence for reducing pain from pathology at either the insertion or the midportion of the achilles tendon.

Treatment of Tendon and Muscle Using Platelet-Rich Plasma. (2009)
This review article details how and why PRP is a promising treatment option for tendon and ligament injuries and disorders, and that because PRP is autologous and prepared at the point of care, it also has an excellent safety profile.

Repair of a Complete Anterior Cruciate Tear Using Prolotherapy: A Case Report.  (2009)
This case report documents the non-surgical repair of a high-grade partial or complete ACL tear using Prolotherapy and at home exercise.

Prolotherapy for Musculoskeletal Pain. (2007)
This primer on Prolotherapy discusses how Prolotherapy helps in the treatment of tendonopathies and in resolving musculoskeletal pain.

New York Times:  Injections to Kick Start Tissue Repair. (2007)
This article discusses how Prolotherapy works to stimulate repair of tendons, ligaments and joints.

Treatment of Chronic Elbow Tendonosis with Buffered Platelet Rich Plasma. (2006)
This is the first published study (Mishra at Stanford University) studying the nonsurgical use of platelet rich plasma for elbow tendonosis. At final follow up (12-38 months) patients reported a 93% reduction in pain compared to prior to treatment.