Knee Meniscal Tears

Platelet Rich Plasma Prolotherapy as First-Line Treatment for Meniscal Pathology.  (2010)

This article gives a very comprehensive review of the anatomy and pathophysiology of meniscus tears with five case reports of MRI-documented tears successfully treated with PRP Prolotherapy.

The Case for Utilizing Prolotherapy as First-Line Treatment for Meniscal Pathology. (2010)
This retrospective study shows Prolotherapy is effective in the treatment of 28 MRI-documented meniscal tears and degeneration.  27 out of 28 (96%) patients stated that their response to Prolotherapy met their expectations with only one patient ending up getting surgery.

A Novel Hypothesis: The Application of Platelet-Rich Plasma Can Promote the Clinical Healing of White-White Meniscal Tears. (2012)
The problem of promoting healing in the avascular (“white-white”) portion of the meniscus has not been resolved by knee surgeons.  PRP has been proposed as a simple approach to promote healing in these areas.

High Resolution Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Document Tissue Repair After Prolotherapy. (2006)
Case report No. 3 is of a complex tear of the medial meniscus  documented by MRI.  After a series of Prolotherapy treatments this patient had resolution of her pain.  At two year followup she reported continued pain resolution, with new MRI demonstrating improvement.